Digital Lighting

The latest technology revolution is happening right above your head. As organizations look to digital transformation, they are connecting more devices, people and processes. links building services via a single converged IP network.
Features and Benefits

  • Combines innovations in smart “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices and sensors with Cisco “Power over Ethernet”  (PoE) and Universal Power over Ethernet products.
  • Can improve efficiency and sustainability, and can be better managed.
  • Lighting enables the first wave of innovation by creating an initial layer of IP-connected (light) endpoints into the ceiling.
  • Links building services via a single converged IP network.
  • The result is a building that is not only smart, but is seamlessly and securely connected.  And it lowers costs.

As a Siemon Digital Lighting Partner (Enabler) GLS, along with its CISCO approved manufacturing partners, supplies the essential parts you need to converge separate networks, such as cabling to support Power over Ethernet and Lighting Solutions